Sales Support (Warehouse) 销售支持(仓库)

Job Descriptions

Assisting with sales/customer service 协助客户和销售

Managing inventory库存管理

Placing and fulfilling orders下订单和完成订单

Receiving and shipping inventory收发货

Performing deliveries with company vehicle用公司专用车送货  


Basic qualifications

A valid driver's and forklift license and the ability to meet our driving record requirements有有效的驾照和叉车驾照

Excellent written and oral communication skills良好的沟通能力

Possess strong computer skills and math aptitude良好的电脑技能和数学计算能力

Exhibit strong aptitude for sales and a desire to sell有强烈的销售能力和销售欲望

Highly motivated, self-directed, and customer service oriented积极主动,客户服务为导向

Demonstrate our core values of ambition, innovation, integrity and teamwork展示我们的抱负、创新、诚信和团队合作的核心价值观

Ability to lift, slide and lower packages that typically weigh 25lbs-50lbs and may weigh up to 75lbs能够承受大约20-45斤甚至重量可达65斤左右的货物



*This position is now open in Tianjin, Shenzhen, Foshan, Zhuhai, Weihai and Changzhou.

Please send your resume to, if you are interested.