Engineer 工程师

Job Descriptions

Collect and maintain data used for writing testing protocols and Fastenal Product Standard (FPS).

Keep FPS Tracking Log up to date.

Research new and established testing methods/ specifications.

Develop test methods and write testing protocol draft/ FPS draft.

Obtain test specimens.

Evaluating of supplier testing capabilities.

Track the status of testing and document results.

Work in unison with Sourcing, Product Manager and Corporate Quality Department in the U.S.


Basic qualifications

Bachelor’s Degree in Material Testing, Manufacturing and Mechanical design& Auto, Metrology or similar field.

1-2 years in mechanical design, quality assurance/ control, or testing will be preferred.

Mature, self-starter.

Proficient in the English language, both spoken and written.

Able to understand technical drawings / specifications and articulate their content to suppliers and Fastenal counterparts.

Able to multitask with vendors, Product Managers, U.S. PSD, and Sourcing regarding simultaneous projects.

Travel - possibly overnight - and able to travel to the U.S.A.

High level of mechanical aptitude.



*This position is now open in Shanghai (FASTCO).

Please send your resume to, if you are interested.